Rules and Guidelines

Community Rules & Guidelines

Quiet Hours

We are creating a calm and nice environment by designating quiet hours from 10 PM until 7 AM. During this period, loud noises, music, and any other distracting activities are kept to a minimum. This implies that conducive and sleep-friendly air is availed for use by all occupants.

Pet Ownership

Our community welcomes friendly pets (some restrictions apply). Provided the pets behave themselves well; it is the responsibility of pet owners to observe responsible pet ownership etiquette. This would comprise tidying up after their canines, not letting the leash out of their hands while walking, and prohibiting their dog from barking excessively or showing any aggression that could annoy or disturb others.

Waste Disposal

We expect every homeowner to deposit their household waste into the designated storage areas and recycle when they can, where they can. Littering or improper waste disposal will be prohibited reducing waste pollution

Vehicle Parking

We provide particular parking areas for residents and guests. All vehicles are to be parked in the parking area described; cars not parked in their designated parking areas might disturb traffic and make it harder for emergency vehicles to pass.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Homeowners contribute to the cleanliness and health of their communities by not only keeping the exteriors of their homes but the surroundings around them well-kept. This includes routine lawn mowing, shrubs, and tree trimming, as well as the condition of the house.

Respect for Neighbors

Consideration and politeness must be projected in all personal interactions with neighbors. It is about doing the right thing, like not hooting, not indulging in disruptive or disturbing behavior, giving someone else’s private space some breathing space, and allowing those people to raise their concerns or discuss their issues calmly and constructively.

Guest Policy

Visitors should be supervised to prevent them from creating issues by behaving improperly that violates park rules. The rule provides safety and makes possible a wholly pleasurable experience.

Compliance with Park Management

All Tenants and guests shall observe all Rules and Regulations posted in the recreation areas. Tenants shall pay for all damages to the clubhouse, recreation areas, equipment, or any other Park property caused or contributed by them or their guests. Tenants are responsible for the conduct of their guests. Guests must be accompanied by an adult Park Tenant when using recreational facilities or equipment. Skateboarding is prohibited in the Park.

Drunkenness and immoral conduct

No alcoholic beverages are to be served or consumed in the clubhouse, around the pool, or any other community area except on management-approved occasions.

Instructions are posted in laundry room

Do not overload or abuse the washing machines. The Washing machine is to be cleaned inside and outside after use. Please empty the lint trays. The Laundry room is to be left in a neat and orderly condition. 

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